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ELSSA is an ICECAT 67, a full carbon customized catamaran built for Leasy Yacht Malta by shipyard ICE Yachts, to allow a family with two small kids to travel around the world. ELSSA started her trip in Cremona on River Po on the 3rd of March 2020 and had to wait the end of the COVID Italian lockdown to set sail to Malta from Ravenna and take her flag on June 18th, 2020. Since then, she never stopped sailing: she crossed the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Panama Canal. She is currently sailing the Pacific remaining there by the end of 2021 and should welcome the New year in Auckland (New Zealand). After that, she should sail to Japan, Russia, Alaska, Canada, US, Mexico. ELSSA should cross the North Pacific in 2023 enter into the Indian Ocean, circumnavigate Africa and head to Brasil, Caribbean, US, Canada, and up to Greenland, Iceland and the Svalbard Island before going down to Norway and circumnavigate Europe to come back in the Mediterranean sea maybe in 2026-2027.

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